Baby is born!

 Two babies, actually. Came out the laser a bit rough but its my own fault. Should have used higher quality MDF instead of plywood.. Figure is only for scale. Shame I have no elf figure to be in this structure. Painted pictures coming soon as well as more different ones.

First Drawings

First CAD drawings ready for laser cutter.

More Sketching and First Ideas

 Idea is to design a modular elf structures, since noone has yet done it. There are the famous laser cut terrain series for Infinity or standard housing. However, there is no reason why much more complex structures have not been yet designed. 

Laser cut terrain sketches

Concept sketches for laser cut terrain line. This is kind of a stage one of this project- externalizing my memories. Not sure what im doing, so I just getting everything that comes in on sketchbook.

For sale

Another British Fleet

This is a commission project I have just finished. I been asked to do fleet in British Racing Green colors. Reference here. Only condition- NO STRIPES!
So this is my little tutorial how I paint ships.

Step 1. Airbrush

I have a separate tutorial on how I do this step, those interested go to airbrushing section
I will do airbrushing tutorial a little later on Prussians.

Step 2. Base color

Nothing fancy here. Areas I wanted be in different color I paint in lighter color than I want my final color to be. 

Step 3. Washing

Now washing almost all model in either with sepia or black wash.

My Prussians

My personal Prussian army.
Matt's kitchen color scheme, as he described :) Oh well..